Increasing Yield and Profitability in Peanut and Cotton Production through Irrigation Efficiency

TIFTON (MARCH 18, 2019) 9am-4pm
STATESBORO (MARCH 25, 2019) 9am-4pm.
(Click location at the bottom of the page and click the arrow to register)

This educational opportunity is free to attend and a networking lunch is provided. An agenda will be uploaded at a later time.

What you can expect to learn:

1) Utilization of irrigation scheduling solutions such as UGA Checkbook, SmartIrrigation Cotton App, and IrrgatorPro to gain in-depth knowledge on using these methods.

2) Investment analysis to illustrate the capital costs associated with adopting these tools and projected return on investment, annual operating costs of equipment, and associated management expenses.

3) Southeast Climate: A look back at 2018 and an outlook for 2019 and beyond.

4) State agricultural water permitting and water planning from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Field demonstration and guided strategic planning will take place so producers can leave the workshop ready to implement the education they receive.

To register: Go to or call (229) 386-3512.

This workshop is being offered as part of a broader UGA Extension multi-disciplinary project focused on increasing agricultural water use efficiency in Georgia.  Support for the workshops is provided by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture through the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center.

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