2018 Georgia Quality Cotton Award Winners Announced

The 2018 Georgia Quality Cotton Awards were presented at the Georgia Cotton Commission’s 12th Annual Meeting and UGA Cotton Production Workshop on January 30, 2019 in Tifton, GA. The awards are co-sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission and BASF, and administered by the University of Georgia Cotton Team.

The purpose of the awards are to recognize producers and ginners of high-quality cotton fiber and to identify their general management practices for the benefit of other growers. The producers and their gins received a plaque and the winning producers received a $500 cash award. The UGA County Extension Agent for each winner was also recognized as they work closely with the farmers during the growing season.

The awards are given in each of these three cotton acreage categories: 1) less than 500 acres, 2) 500 to 1,000 acres, and 3) greater than 1,000 acres within the four regions of the state. Winners in these categories are determined by the loan value and premiums of their cotton. The winners’ excellent achievements are due largely to their management practices and expertise. The sponsors of this program congratulate all of the following winners:

Region 1

  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Robert Rawlins, Turner County
    • Ginner – Sconyers Gin and Warehouse, Sycamore
    • UGA Extension Agent – Will Gay
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Chad Hawkins, Wilcox County
    • Ginner – Arabi Gin Company
    • UGA Extension Agent – Andrew Sawyer
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Lancaster Farms, Pulaski County
    • Ginner – Heart of Georgia Peanut & Gin, Hawkinsville
    • UGA Extension Agent – Jay Porter

Region 2

  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Tucker Cobb, Washington County
    • Ginner – Midville Warehouse, Inc.
    • UGA Extension Agent – Brent Allen
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Ed Wilson Farms, Jenkins County
    • Ginner – Midville Warehouse, Inc.
    • UGA Extension Agent – Jason Mallard
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Dean Johnson
    • Ginner – Bryant’s Gin, Bartow
    • UGA Extension Agents – Katie Burch and Pamela Sapp

Region 3

  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Mike Lindsey, Cook County
    • Ginner – BCT Gin Co., Inc., Quitman
    • UGA Extension Agent – Tucker Price
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Branch and Branch Farms, Tift County
    • Ginner – Omega Gin Company
    • UGA Extension Agents – Scott Carlson and Justin Hand
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Michael York, Brooks County
    • Ginner – BCT Gin Co., Inc., Quitman
    • UGA Extension Agents – Stephanie Hollifiend and Michasia Dowdy

Region 4

  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Clifford Dollar, III, Decatur County
    • Ginner – Sowega Cotton Gin & Warehouse, LLC, Climax
    • UGA Extension Agent – Nan Bostick
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Andy Spooner, Seminole County
    • Ginner – Clover Leaf Gin, Donalsonville
    • UGA Extension Agent – Cody Powell
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – RBF & M+S Roberts Farms, LLC, Worth County
    • Ginner – Worth Gin, Sylvester
    • UGA Extension Agent – Bryce Sutherland

The final award given was the overall Best Cotton Award. This was awarded to the Georgia cotton producer with highest loan value and premium. The 2017 Best Cotton Award went to Mike Lindsey with a loan value of 56.14 cents/lb and a premium of 4.14 cents/lb.

For a full photo album of the winners, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GeorgiaCottonCommission.

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