Farm Bill Signed into Law; MFP Program Continued

The Georgia Cotton Commission applauds the recent passage by Congress and President Trump’s signing of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (farm bill).  This legislation provides long term stability to farmers and rural communities across the nation, especially here in Georgia where farmers will be feeling the wrath of Hurricane Michael for years to come.  The Commission also welcomes the announcement of the second half of payments through the Market Facilitation Program, which helps farmers who have been adversely affected by distressed commodity markets caused by trade negotiations.

Georgia Cotton Commission Chairman Bart Davis, a cotton, peanut, and corn farmer from Colquitt County, said, “Thank you so much to committee leadership and especially our leaders from Georgia who recognize agriculture’s importance to Georgia’s economy and providing the industry a framework to operate in for the next several years.”

The five year farm bill continues safety net provisions established in the previous farm bill and also incorporates many of the cotton industry’s priorities, including:

  • Continuation of the Seed Cotton program
  • Continued access to Marketing Loans
  • Full funding of the Economic Adjustment Assistance Program which promotes domestic processing and consumption of cotton
  • Correction of “actively engaged” family farm requirements that acknowledge the efforts put in my all family members on the farm

The Commission implores congressional leaders to come together on disaster assistance for communities devastated by Hurricane Michael when the new Congress convenes in January and for timely implementation of the farm bill.

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