Georgia Cotton Commission Welcomes Cotton Ginning Cost Share

On March 3rd at the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show in Memphis, Tennessee, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced a Cotton Ginning Cost Share (CGCS) program for the 2016 crop.  This program provides assistance to American cotton producers who were left out of USDA safety net programs during that crop year.  The Georgia Cotton Commission welcomes this program.

Colquitt County farmer Bart Davis, who also serves as the Chairman of the Georgia Cotton Commission, said “We are greatly appreciative to Secretary Perdue for making this program available to cotton producers.  At a time of tight margins and depressed commodity markets, this announcement could not have come at a more opportune time.  This program will make it easier for cotton producers to secure financing for the 2018 crop.”  Davis also noted the economic impact of the program, “This announcement will have ripple effects in Georgia’s economy and have a significant impact in rural communities across our state.”

CGCS program payments were based on 20% of the average producer’s ginning costs per acre.  Growers in Georgia and the southeastern region are eligible for $23.21 per acre based on cotton acres reported to USDA for 2016.  Growers are encouraged to go their local USDA-Farm Service Agency office to enroll in the program between March 12th and May 11th.

One thought on “Georgia Cotton Commission Welcomes Cotton Ginning Cost Share

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