NCC Seed Cotton Webinars

The National Cotton Council is having webinars/conference calls regarding the new Seed Cotton provisions. Space is extremely limited in these webinars, so we are asking producers and other interested parties to listen/watch in groups. The call for Georgia will be held next Monday, February 19, from 10:00-11:30 AM. Another will be the same times on Monday, February 26. All of the other pertinent call in and website information is in the attached image.

If you do not mind, please share this to anyone interested and be sure to note the importance of listening in groups so that we can maximize how many people listen to the sessions. Just a note, if someone is blocked out of the call/webinar, try one of the other listed numbers/websites. If someone misses out on the call, they can try to get in the one on the 26th. If someone misses both, the Council will have a recording that we can send them at a later date. To get the most out of these calls/webinars, one must both call in and view online.27858757_1884863894918275_6421149699629682085_n


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