14,000 Students Reached during 2016/17 School Year.

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission we want to discuss our education program. With the school year now wrapping up, our education program reached over 14,000 students this year (14,796 to be exact). Most of those students received our “Cotton, King of Crops in Georgia” brochure and our educational bookmark during one of the many “ag days” or “farm days” that were held across the state this year. About 3,000 of those students were visited with directly by us at one of the half dozen or so events we were able to attend this year. Most of the students that learned about cotton this school year through our program were elementary school aged, although we were able to reach several middle school events as well. The Georgia Cotton Commission believes that it is important to explain the cotton industry to children at an early age. Most of what students learn through our program is how cotton touches every aspect of their lives, since cotton is the only food and fiber crop that we grow here in Georgia. For more information about our educational program, click the ‘Education’ tab on our homepage at GeorgiaCottonCommission.org.

Below: Kids at Columbus Downtown Elementary learn that their t-shirts are made from cotton.


Below: Students learn about cottonseed at Columbus Downtown Elementary, the last school event we attended for the 2016/17 school year. 


Georgia Cotton Farmer Efficiency Survey

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we want to remind growers about the Georgia Cotton Growers’ Efficiency Survey. This survey is part of a project funded by the Georgia Cotton Commission with the goal of improving Georgia cotton farmers’ production efficiency. The survey will look at each participant’s production efficiency based on farm inputs and farm yields. If you complete the survey, your survey results will be analyzed and you will be able to log back into the survey and see how your farm compares to others. Of course all of this information will be displayed as anonymous. The growers who participate in this survey will receive data that gives them the opportunity to tweak some inputs on their farm to increase the efficiency of the farm. The study is being conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Dorman and one of his graduate students in the UGA Ag Economics Department. The survey can be found at GeorgiaCottonFarmers.com or on our website at GeorgiaCottonCommission.org.

Cotton Farmer Survey Flyer Final 2.0

Justin Jones Selected to Emerging Leaders Program

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we want to congratulate Justin Jones on being selected to the Emerging Leaders Program. Jones, a producer from Smithville, is one of twelve people from the U.S. cotton industry who have been chosen to participate in the National Cotton Council’s (NCC) Emerging Leaders Program for 2017-18. Now in its fifth year, the NCC’s Emerging Leaders Program is supported by a grant to The Cotton Foundation from Monsanto. Overall, the Emerging Leaders Program provides participants with a better understanding of how the NCC carries out its mission of ensuring the U.S. cotton industry’s seven segments can compete effectively and profitably in the raw cotton, oilseed, and U.S.-manufactured product markets at home and abroad.

Specifically, participants get an in-depth look at: 1) the U.S. cotton industry infrastructure and the issues affecting the industry’s economic well-being; 2) the U.S. political process; 3) the NCC’s programs such as policy development and implementation process and 4) Cotton Council International’s activities aimed at developing and maintaining export markets for U.S. cotton, manufactured cotton products, and cottonseed products. You can find more information about the Emerging Leaders Program by reading the press release on our website at GeorgiaCottonCommission.org.

Commission Board Nominations Open

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we want to inform all cotton producers in Georgia that nominations are open for positions on the Georgia Cotton Commission board. All commodity commission are farmer-funded and governed by producer appointed members. Each appointment is for three years, and the Agricultural Commodity Commission Ex-Officio Committee can reappoint or replace each board member once their term expires. To be nominated, eligible individuals must be an active Georgia cotton producer. Nominees will be certified to ensure they are active Georgia producers and geographic representation may be considered when making appointments. Appointments will be made by the Agricultural Commodity Commission Ex-Officio Committee in July. Nomination forms must be submitted to the GA Department of Ag by May 26th. For questions, please contact the GA Department of Ag at 404-585-1405, or visit their website at http://www.Agr.Georgia.gov. Information and forms regarding board nominations are also posted on our website at http://www.GeorgiaCottonCommission.org.

Click here for more information about board nominations.

Click here for nomination form.