2017 Prospective Plantings for Georgia

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we will discuss the potential amount of cotton plantings this year. The National Cotton Council’s 2017 Plantings Intentions Report indicated 1.114 million acres of GA cotton this year, which is about 3% less than the 1.180 million acres planted in 2016. The USDA March Prospective Plantings Report indicated 1.300 million acres, or about 10% more cotton than last year. This difference in numbers is likely due to when the surveys were conducted. The NCC survey was conducted from mid-December of 2016 through mid-January of 2017. The USDA survey was conducted during the first two weeks of March. From January to March 2017, the December 2017 futures contract for cotton increased from approximately 69 cents to 75 cents. This price increase is only part of the story. Many producers have indicated that the lower price of corn and the inability of fitting soybeans into a long-term rotation, have caused them to go back to cotton this year. In total, according to USDA numbers, GA will plant 2.69 million acres in our largest 5 row crops: cotton, peanuts, corn, soybeans, and sorghum. This is about 100,000 more row crop acres than last year.

2017 GA planted acres

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