Ronnie Lee NCC Chairman, Kent Fountain National Ginner of the Year

We bring great news from the Georgia cotton industry. Ronnie Lee, a cotton farmer from Bronwood, was named as the 2017 Chairman of the National Cotton Council, and Kent Fountain, a ginner from Surrency, was named National Cotton Ginner of the Year. Ronnie Lee and his sons farm in Terrell, Lee, and Sumter Counties and also own and operate McCleskey Cotton Company, RCL Flying Service, LGT LLC, and Adela Logistics. Lee is past president and chairman of Southern Cotton Growers and has served on the board of the National Cotton Council since 2015. Kent Fountain is managing partner of Southeastern Gin and Peanut and is the past president of Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association and the National Cotton Ginners Association. Fountain currently serves as the ginner vice-president on the Board of Directors of the National Cotton Council. The National Cotton Ginner of the Year is named in honor of Horace Hayden, a former National Cotton Ginners Association executive secretary. Visit our website at for more updates about cotton leaders from Georgia.


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