“Cotton, The Story” Educational Kits Available

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we want to inform you of our new cotton educational kits. As many of you know, Georgia cotton producers pay $1 per bale for research, promotion, and education. Our education program includes both physical events that we attend to teach about cotton and educational materials that we can send to teachers. About ten years ago the Georgia Cotton Commission developed an educational kit called “Cotton, The Story” that can be used from kindergarten through high school.

In 2016 we shipped out our 1,000th and final kit and therefore had to update and remake the kits. The new kits contain both literature and physical cotton items such as a miniature bale, cottonseed, lint, and a cotton boll. There is also an educational video in the kit that was created by the National Cotton Council that gives a good overview of the cotton industry in America. We will ship these kits to any school that request one, we only ask that the kit be housed in the school’s media center so it can be available to every class in the school. Visit our “education” page at GeorgiaCottonCommission.org for more details.


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