Complete NASS Surveys/NCC Planting Intentions Report Released

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we want to remind growers to complete and return your NASS surveys. USDA NASS is currently surveying growers across the country in order to compile the yearly USDA Prospective Plantings report. The data collected by NASS is confidential and extremely important for agriculture as this data is used in many policy making discussions.

The USDA Prospective Plantings report is not the only planting intentions report for cotton. Recently, the National Cotton Council released its annual Planting Intentions report that surveyed cotton growers across America. The NCC Planting Intentions report found that total US cotton acres would be up by 9.4% to 11 million acres. In Georgia, the survey found a 3.1% decrease in acres from 2016. It is important to remember though that this survey was conducted throughout December 2016 and into January 2017, and therefore may not reflect the true amount of acres to be planted given the recent increase in the price of cotton. You can find this report at


Ronnie Lee NCC Chairman, Kent Fountain National Ginner of the Year

We bring great news from the Georgia cotton industry. Ronnie Lee, a cotton farmer from Bronwood, was named as the 2017 Chairman of the National Cotton Council, and Kent Fountain, a ginner from Surrency, was named National Cotton Ginner of the Year. Ronnie Lee and his sons farm in Terrell, Lee, and Sumter Counties and also own and operate McCleskey Cotton Company, RCL Flying Service, LGT LLC, and Adela Logistics. Lee is past president and chairman of Southern Cotton Growers and has served on the board of the National Cotton Council since 2015. Kent Fountain is managing partner of Southeastern Gin and Peanut and is the past president of Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association and the National Cotton Ginners Association. Fountain currently serves as the ginner vice-president on the Board of Directors of the National Cotton Council. The National Cotton Ginner of the Year is named in honor of Horace Hayden, a former National Cotton Ginners Association executive secretary. Visit our website at for more updates about cotton leaders from Georgia.


“Cotton, The Story” Educational Kits Available

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission update we want to inform you of our new cotton educational kits. As many of you know, Georgia cotton producers pay $1 per bale for research, promotion, and education. Our education program includes both physical events that we attend to teach about cotton and educational materials that we can send to teachers. About ten years ago the Georgia Cotton Commission developed an educational kit called “Cotton, The Story” that can be used from kindergarten through high school.

In 2016 we shipped out our 1,000th and final kit and therefore had to update and remake the kits. The new kits contain both literature and physical cotton items such as a miniature bale, cottonseed, lint, and a cotton boll. There is also an educational video in the kit that was created by the National Cotton Council that gives a good overview of the cotton industry in America. We will ship these kits to any school that request one, we only ask that the kit be housed in the school’s media center so it can be available to every class in the school. Visit our “education” page at for more details.


Free Seminars/Workshops for Producers

In this week’s Georgia Cotton Commission report we want to inform growers of some upcoming free seminars. There will be a Farm Labor Seminar held on February 23rd at the Decatur County Ag Center in Bainbridge. Representatives from the US Department of Labor, OSHA, and the Georgia Department of Labor will be on hand to answers any labor questions producers might have. AgGeorgia Farm Credit and AgSouth Farm Credit have teamed up to provide free financial workshops to producers. The workshops are called AGAware and will take place starting February 24th in Perry, March 17th in Greensboro, and August 25th in Waynesboro. The purpose of AGAware is to promote and educate the next generation of farmers by helping growers put together strong farm financial plans. Both the Farm Labor Seminar in Bainbridge and the AGAware workshops held across the state are free to producers. We encourage you to visit our website and look in the “Events” section to find out more about these free workshops.