Hurricane Matthew: Cotton Crop Damage

Fortunately for the state’s crop as a whole, Hurricane Matthew only caused damage to the east and southeast corner of the state, but the areas that were affected appear to be heavily damaged. According to producers from the area, and from pictures posted on social media from growers fields in east Georgia, cotton losses range from 20-40% in some fields. Other fields retained their bolls but were blown over and twisted similar to what we reported happened in central-south Georgia after Hurricane Hermine a month ago. In other parts of the state we’ve heard from growers who have been affected by the drought and have experienced below average yields on what cotton has been ginned thus far. Because of these two hurricanes and the drought that preceded them, at best, we can expect a little less than average yield for the Georgia cotton crop as a whole.

GA Farm Monitor has an interview with David Cromley, Bulloch County cotton/peanut farmer and Bill Tyson, Bulloch County Extension Agent here.

GFB posted some pictures that tell the story best. The pictures below are from the GFB Facebook page. All photos below are courtesy of the Georgia Farm Bureau News.


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