Over 9,900 Students Learned About Cotton This Spring

The school year is now over and we have completed all of our visits to schools – whether it be at agricultural awareness events, career days, or Feed My School For a Week programs. This semester over 9,900 students learned about cotton. This tops last years 4,900 and 2014’s 3,400. The actual number of face-to-face visits were down slightly, 3,400 this year compared to last year’s 3,700, but we were invited to many more events this year but simply could only be in one place at a time. Events we could not attend were sent our “Cotton: King of Crops” educational brochure and a bookmark full of cotton facts for each student.

It is important to remember that Georgia children have no formal education regarding agriculture until they reach a middle school or high school FFA program. Spending some time with elementary school children really helps them understand how important and vital the agricultural industry is to Georgia.

One thought on “Over 9,900 Students Learned About Cotton This Spring

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