Cotton on Display at GA National Fair

This year the Georgia Cotton Commission is again participating in the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s “Seasons and Faces of Georgia Agriculture” exhibit in the Georgia Grown Building at the Georgia National Fair in Perry. The exhibit features cotton farmers from across the state in their own fields as well as a video of cotton farming in Georgia from planting through harvest. Observers will also see a real cotton bale and have the opportunity to take a photo “In High Cotton at the GA National Fair.” Folks who pass through the exhibit will see our cotton commercials that are running on GPB during Friday football games. Below are some pictures of the exhibit. Hopefully you will recognize many of the farmers that are featured.

IMG_0341 IMG_0340 IMG_0339 IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0335

As Harvest Resumes, Keep Cotton Contamination Free

It is no surprise that cotton harvest across GA is now in full swing. After two weeks of horrible harvesting weather, the past 3 or 4 days of sunshine have been perfect to dry out fields in preparation for harvest.

Several reports from across the state have indicated that seed sprouting is present in some fields. We also had a few comments on our Facebook page that folks in East GA have seen seed sprouting.

As everyone begins the mad rush to resume cotton harvest, we must not forget to remain very diligent in keeping cotton contamination free. USA grown cotton has enjoyed a great reputation over the years of being contamination free. In the last couple of years we have heard from cotton mills that they are seeing more foreign materials in our much-demanded high-quality cotton. Dr. Gary Adams, President/CEO of the National Cotton Council wrote a great article recently in Cotton Farming Magazine about this issue.

Click here to see guidelines for growers, ginners, and warehouses for keeping contaminates out of cotton.

Cotton Harvest on Hold

It appears that cotton harvest across most of South Georgia is now on hold due to the weather. Persistent cloud cover and sporadic rain have kept many farmers from harvesting since last weekend. Many storms have dropped several inches in localized areas across the state. Growers in northern GA counties have also seen heavy rainfall and cooler temperatures that have slowed the development of the crop there.

It appears that Hurricane Joaquin will not make landfall in the US but it still could cause major damage from strong winds, storm surge on the coast, and flooding in the coastal plain areas.

UGA’s Clint Thompson has a good article about the current and future weather for harvest season. Clint interviews Pam Knox, UGA’s Agricultural Climatologist.

Knox has several great resources that she updates daily regarding weather and climate in GA and the southeast.

Daily UGA Extension climate blog. which has updated weather data and near and long term forecast information.

Also, if you’d like to catch up on some reading while you wait for harvest to resume, I’d suggest reading this short article on China. While we often talk about China’s and India’s government cotton policies being harmful to the market, we often do not show graphs and data on exactly what is happening. This article in Cotton Farming Magazine should help fill in the gaps in the narrative about China and cotton.