2014 GA Cotton County Yields and Upcoming Events

We’ve gotten a few questions from growers and county agents recently about last years yield numbers, particularly individual county yields. The 2014 GA average cotton yield was 862 lbs/acre. The top yielding, according to the 2014 NASS data, was Calhoun County at 1,191 lbs/acre followed closely by Seminole at 1,179 lbs/acre and Decatur at 1,172 lbs/acre. Thats about 2.5 bales/acre. Click here to see a complete list of counties. Below are the top 10 counties by yield according to the NASS data.

Rank County lb/acre
1 CALHOUN 1,191
2 SEMINOLE 1,179
3 DECATUR 1,172
4 MILLER 1,119
5 WILCOX 1,025
6 WORTH 1,010
7 MACON 1,008
8 LEE 1,005

As you can see the top 10 yielding counties all had similar yields with a standard deviation of only 84 lbs/acre. In fact, we only had a 139.6 lb/acre standard deviation across all counties represented in the NASS data. The lowest yielding counties, Stewart, Pulaski, and Laurens, still made 1.25 bales/acre. You may notice counties listed as “Other (Combined) Counties” in the NASS data. These are counties with smaller acreage that NASS will not disclose for privacy reasons, such as some counties in north GA that are farmed by only one or two families.

There are several events coming up that are frequented by cotton farmers and industry folks.

June 8th and 16th are the UGA cotton scout schools.

July 8th is the Stripling Irrigation Research Park Field Day.

July 9th is the Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day.

We are a long way from harvest time, but the Georgia Agribusiness Council recently announced their Annual Harvest Celebration will be Nov 20th. This years featured entertainment is Terri Clark.

Articles of interest this week:

Cotton Remains in the Range, but Tempts Downside Support (UGA’s Don Shurley)

Cotton Yields-What Can Southeast Farmers Expect with El Nino? (UGA’s Pam Knox)

Why America’s Cotton Producers Need Access to Affordable Crop Insurance (NCC Chairman Sledge Taylor)

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