2015 Annual Meeting a Success

Until Wednesday January 28th I didn’t think anyone in Georgia was excited about the 2015 cotton season. Considering so many farmers who are still holding 2014 cotton are looking at selling it at a potential loss, and the 2015 price is still in the low 60 cent range, and a few gins are still running (I’ve even heard there are a few people stilling trying to harvest their 2014 cotton), we didn’t expect a huge turnout at our 8th Annual Meeting and UGA Cotton Production Workshop. The weather was nice but most fields in South GA were still drenched from the January rains, so there really wasn’t any better place to be than learning from the UGA Cotton Team and hearing updates from some great industry leaders such as Ronnie Lee, President of Southern Cotton Growers; Mark Messura, Senior Vice-President of Cotton Incorporated; and John Maguire, Senior Vice-President of the National Cotton Council. Both the workshops and our meeting were well attended and the exhibit area stayed full as well. The final count came in at 391 attendees.

Our meeting could not have been a success with out the help of our sponsors. If you see one of our meeting sponsors, please thank them for their support of our meeting. The 2015 meeting sponsors were:
AgGeorgia Farm Credit ♦ Agri-AFC, LLC ♦ Allenberg/ProCot   Americot, Inc. AMVAC Bayer CropScience/Stoneville Cotton Growers Cooperative Crop Production Services Dow AgroSciences/PhytoGen Deltapine DuPont Crop Protection Holder Ag Consulting Lasseter Equipment Group Southeast AgNet Staplcotn Syngenta Triangle Chemical Company Valent USA Corporation VSG Unmanned

It seems that many producers are really looking hard at cotton production cost this year. Of course the biggest questions is “how can I produce cotton at 60 cent.” I don’t think anyone has that answer but it was very pleasing to see our 20+ exhibitors have a consistent flow of visitors at their booths. Producers are really having to crunch the numbers hard to figure our how to get by with the market the way it is.

Speaking of the cotton market, it has become very evident to us that many cotton farmers are not aware of the current situation with China, India, and Turkey. I’ve had to explain these situations numerous times over the last couple of weeks when someone ask me “why is cotton selling at 60 cent?” I enjoy these conversations very much but I think the reason most folks are confused is because there hasn’t been anyone to explain it directly to them all at once. Growers have been getting bits and pieces of the market news/situations over the last 5 years that China has been a big player, but never a comprehensive explanation of how it all fits together and what it means for Georgia cotton in the future. So I think the next few blogs will be about the current market and all of the key players in the market to help everyone understand why cotton is trading so low and why it probably won’t go through the roof anytime soon.

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