2014 Sunbelt Ag Expo wrap-up

The 2014 Sunbelt Ag Expo was this week. And as expected it rained heavily on Tuesday, causing a less than stellar crowd. Wednesday was great, and I don’t have the numbers but I’ll bet Wednesday was an above average day for the Expo. Thursday’s crowd was about normal. The Expo is always a great event to participate in and a great venue to meet and discuss current cotton topics with farmers and consumers.

Although Tuesday’s rain made for a tough day, we were happy to have several visitors stop by. Wednesday was more fruitful. I had the chance to speak with several Southeastern cotton farmers and the story is still about the same: dryland yields are below average and irrigated yields are average or above average with some boll rot in both. This has been the story ever since harvest has started across Georgia with many folks suffering several showers that were too little too late for this year’s cotton crop. Regardless of how anyone’s crop is doing, everyone agreed that prices are nothing to get excited about. Cotton futures and spot prices continue to hang at levels that most consider are below production cost, meaning that you will take a loss selling into this market.

One great positive that we saw at the Expo were kids and their parents enjoying our new face board. If you are not familiar with a face board, see the picture below (for more face board pictures visit our Facebook page). Basically the painted face board is a way to engage folks who are not farmers by letting them interact in a fun way with cotton. Many face boards have popped up over the last year at fairs and various other ag events, one for strawberries, a dairy cow board, a Georgia Grown board, etc. It was very exciting to see non-cotton farming folk wanting to get their picture taken “In High Cotton at the Sunbelt Ag Expo.”

faceboard4 faceboard5faceboard6

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