GA National Fair and other activities

This year the Georgia National Fair celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Georgia Cotton Commission has been a proud supporter of the GA National Fair throughout the years as we believe it is vital to support educating our youth about agriculture. The Fair host many livestock shows, beef exhibits, and dairy exhibits. Due to its size constraints, it’s hard to show people any crops as they browse about the fairgrounds. Enter the new exhibit in the Georgia Grown Building, “The Seasons and Faces of Georgia Agriculture”. This exhibit is in its first year with the main purpose of teaching both youth and adults about agriculture in Georgia, particularly those things that they don’t normally see at the fair, such as cotton fields and farming equipment. We participated in this exhibit this year as we felt that it is vital for the general public in Georgia to understand how important cotton is to the state, after all, we do grown 3 times more cotton than any other crop in Georgia. Below are a few pictures from the exhibit.

IMG_3534 IMG_3551

Also this week, we had the pleasure of helping educate both youth and adults at Leadership Bulloch’s Ag Day. The leadership class consisted of both and adult group as well as a group of high school juniors. Not a single person in the group worked in agriculture, so my colleagues (Georgia Farm Bureau, Georgia Agribusiness Council, and UGA Cooperative Extension) and I had a clean slate to work with in regards to educating the group about ag and how important it is to Bulloch County and the state of Georgia. Our round-table discussion with the group lasted well over an hour. We were also fortunate enough to get a personal tour from employees at Southern States Cotton Gin in Bulloch County. I could tell the leadership class participants were amazed at the process and they had tons of questions, which showed me that they were truly interested and wanted to learn. Below are a few pictures from the event.


Elliot Marsh with Southern States discusses the cotton industry with the Leadership Bulloch class.


Jason Mendoza with Southern States explains the gin yard to the group.

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